SouthLand’s Difference

SouthLand is a small, local business that offers fine residences for lease in older Greenville neighborhoods near McDaniel Avenue, North Main Street, Augusta Road, and Faris Road, as well as off Mauldin Road and South Pleasantburg near ICAR.

We offer homes with character, scrupulously maintained, with the personal attentive management that large complexes and national corporate bureaucracies cannot offer residents.

All of our condominiums and duplexes are privately owned by SouthLand.

How is SouthLand different from other residential property rental companies?

Homes with character, in older established neighborhoods

From SouthLand’s beginning fifty years ago, we were particular about where and what types of residences we purchased. We pursued duplexes and condominiums that were distinctive, that had character, or unusual features, in neighborhoods that were quiet and well-established, with plenty of green-space within walking distance or the immediate vicinity of the home. Most of our properties are surrounded by large hardwood trees and other mature trees and shrubs.

Attentive resident service with scrupulously maintained properties

Since we personally own each home, we have a bias towards excellent ongoing maintenance and regular updates. Each residence has an assigned property manager who responds to maintenance needs or questions.

Our property managers keep their cell phones with them at all times and make an effort to respond with answers or to schedule needed maintenance quickly.

When residences are “in between tenants” we schedule upgrades and deeper maintenance. We have added granite countertops and stainless appliances to most of our units, and we typically routinely replace certain items like switches and switchplates during transition times. Year by year we determine our upgrade schedules for different residences. Once a tenant moves in we ask that they create an additional punch list of items we may have missed during our upgrade, maintenance, cleaning, and refurbishing transition period so that we may rapidly address any missed or undiscovered issues.

We are hands-on owners and property managers, and our founder and CEO serves on several HOA boards in order to advocate for sensible pro-tenant relationships in sometimes rigid contexts.

Established Continuity of Management

We offer unusually stable management. Our founder and chief acquisition officer, Nancy Baldwin, has worked at SouthLand for the past fifty years. The two primary property managers have served at SouthLand for a decade or more.

In addition, the vendors we use for maintaining, upgrading, or renovating our condos and duplexes have typically worked with SouthLand for many years. We use an electrician who has 15 years of experience with SouthLand, a plumber with seven years of working with us, and a single small local contracting company that does all of our properties’ renovations. Each of our contractors will typically call a tenant directly to schedule routine maintenance and repairs, usually within 24 hours, once one of our property managers has alerted them to the need.

The service that we offer, coupled with our unique properties and SouthLand’s management stability has led to our being fortunate to have many long-term tenants, some of whom have been with SouthLand for fifteen to twenty years.

Uncommon rent stability

While some larger residential complexes may choose to raise rents by hundreds every year or two, we have achieved uncommon rent stability. Though there are circumstances where we may need to schedule a raise in rents, most of the time we raise a unit’s rent at transition points when a condo or duplex is between tenants. And since our tenants often stay for many years, they receive unusually stable housing costs as a benefit of staying with SouthLand.