SouthLand Properties began with the Baldwin family’s purchase of a single duplex just off McDaniel Avenue in the 1960s. After Nancy and Jimmy Baldwin married, the young family settled down in that small duplex, renting out one side to make ends meet. Gradually, as finances allowed (very slowly!), Nancy began researching, purchasing, and renovating duplexes and condos for lease, while her husband built a career as a lawyer. A native of Greenville, Nancy knew every street and suburb of Greenville. When a property that met her criteria became available that was within her budget — and if she fell in love with it — she purchased it.

Nancy pursued properties in older Greenville neighborhoods with large hardwood trees near the downtown area. She also worked to purchase properties that offered a varied range of rental costs — and maintains that tradition today. While many of SouthLand’s properties are fine historic properties, others are simpler rentals that feature “just the basics” for homes (although always with unique features).

For decades, Nancy purchased, renovated, leased, and maintained SouthLand properties, while developing warm tenant relationships, doing all the work herself. She frequently cleaned residences herself during transition periods in preparation for new tenants.

The fledgling property rental company has grown to forty condos and duplexes, and today Nancy’s primary focus is researching and acquiring suitable properties, directing renovation and upgrades, and managing a small team that helps SouthLand provide superb responsive tenant service and property maintenance.

Together with a few established vendors and SouthLand’s team of property managers, Nancy continues the SouthLand tradition of leasing properties with character while providing responsive, personal service to SouthLand’s tenants.