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B 1 Virginia Condominiums

B 1 Virginia Condominiums

10 Manly Street 29601

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Photos are from the property location of the vacancy and are either of the exact vacant unit or of an equivalent unit.

Rent: $1800/month

In the summer of 2019 we discovered that this ground-floor unit at #10 Manly was available for purchase and we were thrilled to be able to acquire it. We spent a part of that Summer and Fall doing some necessary repairs and updates, and we were finally able to list it as vacant and ready for lease in late 2019. This unit is a unique home with all sorts of architectural details set within a wonderful old building (1927) — within walking distance of downtown Greenville.

This is a ground floor unit with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice-sized living room, access to basement storage, and most especially, a porch, accessible through both living room and bedroom doors — very suitable for morning coffee or tea, or for evening entertainment with friends.

The unit has beautiful hardwood floors, original doors with hardware, and nice thick walls (typical of buildings from the 1920s). We’ve even kept the old screen doors that lead out onto the porch. (Don’t worry, the bathroom and kitchens are updated, where necessary.)

Our repairs to the unit included electrical updates and additions, drywall repair and complete inside paint job, various types of professional cleanings (a soft wash of the original screen doors, the cleaning of the original floor tile and wall tile), and various other updates.

Over a 40-year period of owning and managing duplexes and condominiums in Greenville, I seem to fall in love with each one. Typically the one I love the most is the one that’s the more recent purchase.

The Virginia condo at #10 Manly is no different. Set in the Pettigru Historic District and within walking distance of Publix at McBee Station, Cleveland Park, the Poinsett Club, and Greektown Grille this place is in its own little world. Venture a few more blocks across Church Street and you’re right in the middle of downtown Greenville.

What I really love about it is its history and the architectural details. A friend who was working on the renovation of the Virginia Commons building took me to see it and afterwards, I knew I’d love to have one of the units. The fine brick exterior and slate roof, the old handrails, the little passage from the kitchen to the stairwell with the washer/dryer, the lovely outdoor common areas, the beautiful basement with storage units, and even the creaky wooden stairs. Like any old building it has its eccentricities. You have to be a certain kind of person to love those eccentricities — and I’m one of those people!

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