McDaniel Heights Condominiums

The green space at McDaniel Heights Condominiums has been well-cared for and is more spacious than at most similar condominium complexes. Within walking distance of this neighborhood is Cleveland Park, built in 1922 surrounding the beautiful Reedy River. Cleveland Park includes tennis courts, numerous shelters, playgrounds, and a portion of the extensive Swamp Rabbit Trail set along the banks of the river.  As a very large park, it has numerous entrances, including one very near to McDaniel Heights.

The nearest entrance to McDaniel Heights is about .4 miles away — an easy walk. After winding your way through the condominium greenscape, travel down Gardenview Avenue to Woodland Way Circle and the entrance to Cleveland Park there. A short walk down the path and under the soaring hardwood trees of the park, you will find the old bridge crossing the Reedy River. Built in 1820 as part of the state road from Greenville to Asheville it stands as an extraordinary reminder of Greenville’s transportation history, as well as a beautiful spot for rest, reading, and reflection. From there the trails extend many miles through Cleveland Park to many attractions, and all the way to downtown Greenville.