Property List
Click on a Property Location below to view the property description. Not all properties are available, so please email us or call us at (864) 313-6825 to find out if we have any vacancies in the properties in which you are interested.
  1. McDaniel Heights Condominiums
    On Cleveland Street, which connects McDaniel Avenue and Faris Road. Close to Cleveland Park, The Swamp Rabbit Trail, and Downtown Greenville.
  2. University Ridge Condominiums
    Just off McDaniel Avenue and across the street from The Swamp Rabbit Trail in Cleveland Park.  Within walking distance to downtown Greenville.  Easy access to major streets of the city: Church Street, I-385, and I-85.
  3. Riverside Condominiums
    Just off Faris Road between Augusta Road and Cleveland Street, and one block from The Swamp Rabbit Trail.
  4. Knoxbury Terrace
    Condominium duplex located just off McDaniel Avenue in the Cleveland Park area. Quiet neighborhood within walking distance to Downtown Greenville and The Swamp Rabbit Trail. Easy access to major city streets: Church Street, I-85, and I-385.
  5. Riverbend Condominiums
    Located at the corner of Faris Road and Cleveland Street.  The Swamp Rabbit Trail runs beside this community and offers direct access to Cleveland Park and Downtown Greenville. Easy access to Church Street, I-385, and I-85.
  6. Huntsfield Greene
    Just off Mauldin Road which connects S. Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville and Highway 276 in Mauldin. Easy access to I-385, I-26, and I-85.  Two miles from ICAR and a ten minute drive to Downtown Greenville.

  7. Northgate Trace Condominiums
    Located at 900 North Main Street, this condominium community is just a short walk to the downtown Greenville area. There is easy access to I-385 and to Poinsett Highway, which leads to I-26 toward Hendersonville and Asheville, N.C.

  8. McDaniel Place Condominiums
    Located at 608 University Ridge at the corner of McDaniel Avenue, this community of duplexes is directly across from Cleveland Park and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is within walking distance to downtown Greenville and offers easy access to Church Street, McDaniel Avenue, and I-385.
For more information, contact Nancy Baldwin at (864) 313-6825, or

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