Lease Terms
Duration:  The standard duration of lease for all properties managed by SouthLand is one year.  In unusual circumstances, exceptions may be made, and leases of longer or shorter duration may be granted. 

Security Deposit:  The security deposit for all properties is $700.  It is due at the time the lease agreement is signed by the landlord and tenant.  This deposit is refunded when the property is vacated by the tenant, provided that all terms of the lease have been met by the lessee, as detailed in the lease agreement.

Payment of Rent:  Rent payments are due on the first of each month, and are past due after the fifth of each month.  It is the responsibility of the tenant to deliver rent payments to the landlord, either by mail or by hand.  Rents received after the fifth of the month must include a late charge, as detailed in the lease agreement.

Pet Policy:  Pets are allowed only with specific approval from the landlord.  Limitations on size and type of pet may apply.  Under no circumstances will any pet be allowed that has not been previously trained for inside living. In accordance with the City of Greenville laws, a pet must be leashed and under the control of its owner at all times when outside. Leaving a pet alone and chained or tethered in any way is not permissible. A non-refundable pet fee of $50 must be paid per month and added to the monthly rental payment.

Smoking Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited in all properties. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the loss of security deposit to cover the expense of removing tobacco residue and to return the property to a safe condition for future tenants.

Notice:  Thirty days notice must be given in writing  in advance of vacating the condominium or apartment at the expiration of the lease.

  For more information on the terms of lease, a copy of the Lease Agreement may be obtained upon request.  Contact Nancy Baldwin at (864) 313-6825 or by email at


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